I ordered the set of books for my son who is 3 years old. I loved the concept. Rather than just mentioning the name of the leader to the child... It helps us give them a little insight about each one through a story thereby multiplying the learning. The books are very well illustrated & engages them too with different activities in the end like stickers & games helping them retain better. Rajyaveer especially loves the Yug collectibles we get with each book.

- Nishad Thard

Yug books have become an essential in my child's story time. We love how the books have such detailed illustrations, backed up by activities to reinforce what we've read. Atharv has been enjoying these stories, with Milkha Singh being his favourite. Such a beautiful way to introduce India's historic figures. Super work Sonam, keep it up. Looking forward to the Ramayan series.

- Shruti Bansal

This book has the superpower that you can travel to any place and can visit any state or association domain with only one flip. This will be an exceptionally fascinating excursion for everyone to encounter it to know various things about various states. Front of the book is great with lovely delineations. The Composition style is so nice as it is intended for youngsters. Language utilized in the book is intimately acquainted to us all. Speed of the book is very quick. One can undoubtedly complete it in one go

Chandra Sekhar

Who would say no when they are provided with an option to travel to different states with just one flip. The book is informative and a must for children to be aware about our rich culture, history, diversity and heritage. India is home for more than 22 languages, 9 different cultural dances, different food habits, attires and many more. The book with amazing illustrations has a collection of state cultures, traditions, places and more. Informative and good start to teach children about our country.


This book is so beautiful with beautiful pictures and it's perfect for kids. Like i say it's good for those too who didn't know anything about Ramayan. It's like a short summarised story for them . I love one thing about the book is LEARNING at the end of each lesson. IT TAKES HARDLY 20 MIN. TO READ . As the language is completely simple and also carries the main - main character and incidents . Just go ahead and read it and recite the story to your children. Like i loved it so much when i got it I kept it for two days near me and saw it again and again and thought why such books were not given to us when i was child. Like what i say is that, this one is one of the most beautiful books i have. Overall it's worth having and highly recommended.

Mahi Aggarwal

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