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Worship Combo ( An Illustrated Ramayan, Akshar Akshar Eeshvar, Wisdom of the Upanishad, Vedic Tales)

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The Ultimate Combination of Books on Hinduism!

This Combo includes four books - 

An Illustrated Ramayan which covers the Valmiki Ramayan in 56 pages and 21 chapters. Each has an emotion, shlok and learning. 

Akshar Akshar Eeshvar is a bilingual (Hindi & English) book covering 23 Gods & Goddesses alphabetically. 

Wisdom of the Upanishads cover 10 stories from the various Upanishads covering the relation between Atman & Brahman. 

Vedic Tales is written by Swami Nityanand Charan Das (Iskcon) and it includes 10 stories from different ancient epics with relevant morals.