Our Story

Yug holds the belief that every child should be well-acquainted with their culture and history. To facilitate this understanding, we offer a diverse range of interactive knowledge and learning products. These resources are designed to assist children in exploring the myriad facets of Indian culture, delving into the nation's rich history, and celebrating prominent figures who have left a lasting impact. With today's fast-learning and perceptive children in mind, our meticulously crafted books boast contemporary designs and are written with utmost care. Our overarching intention is to instill a sense of curiosity and pride in India's rich heritage, emphasizing its undeniable influence on the global stage.

YUG is the brainchild of Sonam Mantri, a new age mother of two. In her quest for immersive books and edu-tainment products for her children, she discovered that there was a dearth of products that showcased the beauty and vastness of India with a contemporary approach, that incorporated great design and compelling stories. Thus the journey of Yug began, to fill a very immediate need amongst new mothers of young children.

The genesis of the name YUG occurred during the nationwide lockdown in India when Sonam and her family gathered to watch Mahabharat together. The resonant lyrics of the opening credits, 'Yug yug ki kahani,' particularly captivated Sonam's older daughter. Given that "Yug" translates to "era," it seemed like the perfect moniker for a product line that combines the wisdom of bygone times with a modern touch.

What Makes YUG Unique -

‘Yug’ represents the timeless wisdom embedded in our cultural legacy and abundant history. Centuries and millennia of learnings and stories are distilled and curated as a guiding light for the upcoming generation, acting as a beacon that illuminates the path to a meaningful and enlightened future. At Yug we focus on,

  • Cultural Understanding and promoting a deep appreciation and comprehension of diverse cultures, fostering respect for traditions, practices, and histories.
  • Building Empathy and cultivating the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, fostering compassion and understanding across different perspectives.
  • Nurturing Open-Mindedness by recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating the cultural, historical, and artistic wealth of India, instilling a sense of pride and connection.
  • Celebrating India's Rich Heritage by recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating the cultural, historical, and artistic wealth of India, instilling a sense of pride and connection.
  • Global Awareness by encouraging an understanding of global interconnectedness, fostering awareness of international cultures, issues, and perspectives.
  • Encouraging Inquisitiveness and cultivating a curious and questioning mindset, promoting a desire for continuous learning and exploration.
  • Creating Culturally Aware Citizens and striving to develop individuals who are not only aware of their own culture but also respectful and appreciative of the cultures of others, contributing to a harmonious and culturally rich society.

Through our commitment to High-Quality Printing and Detailed Illustrations, we prioritize excellence, ensuring that our books meet the highest standards. Our materials feature vivid and detailed visuals, enhancing the reading experience and promoting different levels of reading proficiency. Whether for beginners or advanced readers, our curated content accommodates diverse audiences.

We go beyond traditional learning by incorporating hands-on, engaging exercises, and activities. These interactive elements are designed to stimulate active participation, making the educational journey enjoyable and reinforcing the learning process. By combining quality printing, rich illustrations, and interactive content, we strive to create an educational experience that is accessible, engaging, and beneficial for learners of all levels.