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Yug People Full Combo Set (Milkha Singh, Neerja Bhanot, Bhagat Singh, APJ Abdul Kalam, Jamsetji Tata)

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This series includes sports legend Milkha Singh, industrialist Jamsetji Tata, scientist and former President Abdul Kalam, freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and the courageous Neerja Bhanot.

These books contains reading material along with 5 interactive activities and requires a childs active participation. We'd love for your child to feel a deep connection with our books and hold them dear.

How to read Yug Books?

The Yug Books have been carefully designed for littles ones to experience these stories over a few stages: 

1st Phase: In the illustration based reading phase, children understand the content through the art.

2nd Phase: The next phase is the read aloud phase in which parents and children spend quality time while reading the pages aloud. This stage helps children develop their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

3rd Phase: Then comes the self read phase. Children are able to recognize words and read sentences on their own. In this stage, they hone their reading skills, develop phonetic understanding and can now memorize text.

4th Phase: The learning phase is the fourth stage in this process. After going over the text several times, children shift from rote learning to a deeper understanding of the text. They are now able to recognize teachings from the text and explain it in their own words.