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India Combo: The Great Indian Travelogue & Buzz

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The Great Indian Travelogue - Join Raghav and Meera as they take you on an exciting journey across India. The Great Indian Travelogue is a magic book which transports the reader to a new State or Union Territory at every turn of the page. Travel along with Meera and Raghav and meet all the wonderful people they come across in each State and Union Territory who lovingly teach them all about the area. This book covers many wonderful aspects of our country, India. Learn about the different cultures, cuisines, traditions, practices, monuments and much more as you go along every State and Union Territory. Meera and Raghav cannot wait for you to join them so hop on and get ready for a magical experience. This book is 84 pages long.

Learn through Play - Buzz is simple and fun way to learn about India. This game includes 56 cards with 112 words which are based on the States and Union Territories of India. This is a verbal guessing game where a player must make the others guess the word on top without  using any of the words below.

Age - 7+

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