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An Illustrated Ramayan (Pre Order Only)

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Ramayan is the story of a brave prince named Ram who becomes a king, his beautiful devoted wife Sita and loyal brother Laxman, and their 14 year adventure. Faced with dangerous circumstances, powerful enemies and mystical creatures, the three must survive in the perilous jungles in order to return to their beloved home, Ayodhya. Ramayan is a story of family, friendship, devotion, brotherhood, courage and above all, love. Packed with life lessons and thousand year old wisdom, this is a must-read for all ages. This book will take children on a wild adventure with the royal trio. Buckle up & let’s dive in!

Ages: 5 years and above

Book Type: Hardbound, Matt Laminate with Perfect Binding

Size: 9″ * 14″ 

Weight: 0.65kg

Pages: 56 pages

ISBN: 978-93-5457-229-6 

How to read Yug Stories? 

The Yug Stories series has been carefully designed for littles ones to experience these stories over a few stages:  

1st Phase: In the illustration based reading phase, children understand the content through the art.

2nd Phase: The next phase is the read aloud phase in which parents and children spend quality time while reading the pages aloud. This stage helps children develop their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. 

3rd Phase: Then comes the self read phase. Children are able to recognize words and read sentences on their own. In this stage, they hone their reading skills, develop phonetic understanding and can now memorize text. 

4th Phase: The learning phase is the fourth stage in this process. After going over the text several times, children shift from rote learning to a deeper understanding of the text. They are now able to recognize teachings from the text and explain it in their own words. 

What makes the Ramayan such an important part of our culture? 

The Ramayan is a story of love that has survived the test of time and made a home within our hearts and minds. 

~ Brimming with moral lessons and learnings, the Ramayan shows the path to becoming a good human being. It teaches children how to be caring and kind, and to stand up for what is right. 

~ The central characters of the fable are all role models in their own right. Ram is regarded for his integrity and bravery, Sita for her devotion, Lakshman for his loyalty and Hanuman for his strength and dedication. These are qualities that we can learn from.

~ The Ramayan reminds us of the importance of family, friendship, love and faith. Throughout their marvelous adventure, these have bolstered Ram, Lakshman and Sita’s courage and helped them find their way back home. 

~ The book shows us the many ways of expressing love – as a dutiful son, a strong leader, a caring husband, a loving wife, a devoted sibling and a loyal compatriot.

For thousands of years, the Ramayan has connected generations of families, friends and loved ones. It has enthralled us, taught us about ancient India and become an integral part of our culture and history. Let’s carry this lasting legacy forward and introduce our young ones to this incredible story!

What are the benefits of reading?

The holistic benefits of reading are aplenty:

~ Reading aids in the development of the child’s cognitive abilities, including memory, comprehension and learning.

~ If you want your child’s vocabulary and language skills to improve, read to them for at least 30 minutes every day.

~ Reading helps a child’s analytical thinking skills to improve, as well as strengthens focus and concentration.

~ There is no better way of encouraging children to think creatively and to be curious. Spark a child’s imagination and watch them transform into happier, more confident and more self assured little humans. 

~ Reading is an excellent way to spend quality time with your children 

Why is it important for children to read about India? 

Culture, identity, dreams and knowledge are closely knit with one another. 

Our books familiarize children with various facets of Indian culture, starting at a young age. 

Reading about our historic past will evoke a sense of pride in our legacy and the identity borne from it. This creates a deeper bond with our heritage and ingrains a rich value system that is tied with our identity.