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An Illustrated Ramayan

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Ramayan is the story of a brave prince named Ram who becomes a king, his beautiful devoted wife Sita and loyal brother Laxman, and their 14 year adventure. Faced with dangerous circumstances, powerful enemies and mystical creatures, the three must survive in the perilous jungles in order to return to their beloved home, Ayodhya. Ramayan is a story of family, friendship, devotion, brotherhood, courage and above all, love. Packed with life lessons and thousand year old wisdom, this is a must-read for all ages. This book will take children on a wild adventure with the royal trio. Buckle up & let’s dive in. A must buy for your little ones and for gifts

Ages: 5 years and above

Book Type: Hardbound, Matt Laminate with Perfect Binding

Size: 9″ * 14″ 

Weight: 0.65kg

Pages: 56 pages

ISBN: 978-93-5457-229-6