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Discovery Combo - The Great Indian Travelogue & Art of Ancient India

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Art of Ancient India takes us back in time to learn how multiple beautiful art forms came to life. Most art forms grew under the patronage of different Indian dynasties, where kings patronized young artists and helped them flourish. All the art forms describe the life of that era through an engaging story, it is like peeping into the past one art form at a time. This book covers 10 art forms like Gond, Madhubani, Phad and Chola Bronzes to name a few and touches upon the dynasty and the process of the art work. 

Twins Meera and Raghav receive an extraordinary book on their birthday, one that magically transports them to any place around India! Join them on their adventure across 28 States and 8 Union Territories, as they explore India’s incomparable beauty and diversity. From the wide variety of food, art, culture and clothing to its natural biodiversity, architecture and history, there is so much India has to offer, which we will discover with The Great Indian Travelogue.