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Art of Ancient India

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Art of Ancient India takes us back in time to learn how multiple beautiful art forms came to life. Most art forms grew under the patronage of different Indian dynasties, where kings patronized young artists and helped them flourish. All the art forms describe the life of that era through an engaging story, it is like peeping into the past one art form at a time. This book covers 10 art forms like Gond, Madhubani, Phad and Chola Bronzes to name a few and touches upon the dynasty and the process of the art work. These art forms are alive and thriving even today but often go unnoticed, therefore get ready to immerse into the world of Indian art. To make the book interactive and engaging we have added 10 reusable doodle sheets and 20 DIY Greeting Cards. must buy for your little ones and for gifts

Ages: 9 years and above

Book Type: Hardbound, Matt Laminate with Perfect Binding

Size: 9″ * 14″

Weight: 0.8kg

Pages: 78 pages

ISBN: 978-93-5620-464-5