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Scratch Card ALL Combo - Jungle Animals, Gods & Goddess

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Scratch & Discover is a series of 4 double sided cards which can be used by children in a fun and engaging way. Scartch cards are great to develop hand eye coordination and pincer grip. They also help improve ones creativity and imagination. These cards can be used on the go as well as they are light and travel friendly. The outline allows the child to know what they are scratching thus can be done part by part to see the full picture. The back side has been designed and laminated so that it can be used multiple times with dry erase felt pens.

This series is inspired by our Indian Gods, our superheroes. It includes Shiv, Vishnu, Ganesh and Krishna and our Indian Goddesses, our shakti. It includes Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga and Prithvi. It also includes our jungle animals like the one horned rhinocerous, Indian elephant, malabar squirrel and the royal Bengal tigerThe set comes with a small scratching card which makes it comfortable to hold and durable over multi use.

Disclaimer - though we have used the best quality ink we suggest children should wash their hands with soap & water soon after using the product to make sure no residue remains on their hands. Yug will not be responsible for any damages.