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Play Combo - Art of Ancient India Jumbo Colouring Sheet & Buzz Combo

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Art of Ancient India Jumbo Colouring Sheet - Create your own masterpiece with this jumbo sized colouring sheet. Discover the different art forms of India with our beautifully illustarted colouring sheet. This colouring sheet covers various art forms like Gond, Madhubani, Thanjavur and Phad to name a few. The big size allows for multi use while focusing on big and small motifs and elements as one goes along. Though children enjoy colouring, it can be used by adults too! Great way to unwind and relax. This sheet comes with a set of 10 colour pencils so you can take it with you while on the go!

Buzz #learnthroughplay - Buzz is simple and fun way to learn about India. This game includes 56 cards with 112 words which are based on the States and Union Territories of India. This is a verbal guessing game where a player must make the others guess the word on top without using any of the words below. The key to guess most of the words correctly is to read our book, The Great Indian Travelogue. Buzz can also be played in many other ways, use the cards creatively!

Both are light in weight and great to carry when on the go! Can be enjoyed by children and adults so makes for a great family activity

This combo makes for a wonderful gift too!

Colouring Sheet - 30" * 20"

Buzz - 56 cards, 112 words