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Bhagat Singh & Raj Kapoor Combo

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This series includes freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and actor Raj Kapoor.

Bhagat Singh:

In spite of his young age, freedom fighter Bhagat Singh’s bravery, boldness and sincerity shone through his actions. His sacrifice for the country led to an awakening amongst the people and paved the way for Independence. Read about his awe-inspiring journey in this book 

Raj Kapoor:

The greatest ‘showman’ in the history of Indian entertainment, actor, producer, and director Raj Kapoor has had a tremendous influence on Indian cinema. His journey in cinema started at the age of 10 and spanned close to 80 films over 55 years. Learn about his life and legacy in the pages of this book

Age: 3 Years and above

Pages: 30 

Book Type: Paperback